The Benefits Of Soft Furnishings

If you want to keep your home looking modern and bright as well as keeping it relaxed and comforting, then soft furnishings are a great way to do so. You could balance out the room by keeping the contrast interesting with complementary additions such as throws, cushions and fluffy rugs!


After updating your home, adding cushions can add something to the room that brings it together. It can add comfort and style with the added bonus that you can change things around whenever you want to have a different style or mood. For instance, in the summer, you could have lovely warm colours and at Christmas you could have sparkly cushions! You could also consider adding cushions to outdoor furniture to give your exterior a boost.


If you want an easy way to give your chairs or sofa an upgrade, then a throw is a good choice. A plus is that you can use the throw as a blanket for yourself if you ever want to cosy up in the colder months with a book in your hand.


Another idea is a rug, which can help to bring your room together, particularly if you have a wooden floor. A rug will make the room cosier and inviting and you can add a shock of colour to a room. You could also consider a pouffe, which is handy for a number of reasons. It can be a foot rest, a seat, or even somewhere your pet can relax! All these soft furnishings can bring your home together somehow, be it just for a cosy addition or to create a contrast in style. Regardless of what you decide, you can choose the style that works for you. Call for more information on soft furnishings, blinds and curtains in Knutsford.


The next Ideal Home Show takes place from 27th March -13th April, 2020 at Olympia, Hammersmith Road, in London.


The Ideal Home ‘Exhibition’ was originally seen as a way of increasing advertising revenue and as a publicity tool for the Daily Mail when it was founded in 1908. It can boast being the world’s longest running exhibition. For all your Blinds and Curtains in Middlewich call Delamere Blinds.


Blinds and Curtains – anything goes?

Choosing new blinds and curtain in Frodsham can be overwhelming. There is now so much choice available it can be hard to decide which style, fabric, type of blind etc. is the right one for your space.


If you are feeling out of your depth getting in touch with a blind and curtain specialist such as Delamere Blinds and Curtains could be the solution to your problem. With their wealth of experience and with so much information on styles and fashions at their fingertips they are perfectly placed to help you choose the right window dressing for your home, that will reflect your character and style.


Home Décor Trends 2018

Last years trends consisted of jungle print, flamingos, everything metallic and more, so what’s in the pipeline for this year trends?


Moody interiors with bolder colours are on the cards for this year, grey will still be the neutral colour of choice for designers but it will be deeper, bolder greys contrasting bold furniture choices that define living spaces for the next year.


As for wood furniture, this year sees the rise of dark, modern luxe pieces, turning away from pale, bleached woods of the Scandinavian trend. Retro glamour is the word for 2018 interiors, metallic handles and legs make a perfect finishing touch again those dark wood feature pieces.


Global pattern is on the cards for curtains, blinds and rugs. Busy Moroccan red rugs and bold curtains influenced by Indian and middle eastern culture add depth and intrigue to a room. Blending patterns creatively is the most effective use of this trend. Patterns can vary but ensure a central colour theme to mix and match cushions, blankets, rugs and other soft furnishings.


To find your perfect pattern in Northwich, visit Delamere Blinds and Curtains.